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LOGiT IPWEA Indigenous Scholarship

The LOGiT IPWEA Indigenous Scholarship is back in 2022!

The scholarship aims to:


  • support an Indigenous professional to build capability and credentials in asset management,  

  • grow Indigenous representation in the asset management profession, and  

  • contribute to the strength of asset management practice in Australia.

The 2021 scholarship created great impact and we want to ensure this is continued.

"A massive thanks to LOGiT for sponsoring my placement in this course and IPWEA for this learning opportunity, I have gained an awesome amount of asset management and planning knowledge with this training which has opened up a whole new network to me, broadening my exposure to additional career opportunities."

Shauna Klaas, recipient for the 2021 scholarship.

Artwork by Desirai Saunders, Gunggari artist based in Brisbane, owner of Desirai Art.


A joint initiative by

LOGiT Australia
IPWEA Institute of Public Works Engineering of Australasia



75% of fast-growing occupations require STEM skills, yet from all STEM students, less than 1% are Indigenous. LOGiT and IPWEA would like to see this change, and have more representation of Indigenous professionals in Public Works, Engineering, Asset Management and the related Tech. 


To fully understand how an ecosystem works in relation to Asset Management we need look no further than the original custodians of this land, the First People.


They were able to develop and refine a system – including tools and processes – of managing the environment around them.


This was done in a way that not only served to benefit themselves, but to create a harmonious balance with the animals, vegetation, the tides, the stars and the weather to ensure that everything was managed sustainably.


It also meant that their community were able to live in prosperity and that there was a process of knowledge transfer and continuous improvement so that everyone understood the role they played in the system throughout their own lifecycle.


The term custodian itself draws remarkable similarity to the ambitions of today’s infrastructure asset managers.



Scholarship recipients will receive access to IPWEA’s internationally recognised Asset Management Foundations and Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning courses.


To consolidate learning and to support professional practice the recipient will also receive access to the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and the International Infrastructure Financial Management Manuals (IIFMM).



Applicants must be: 


  • Over the age of 18 years; 

  • Of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent; 

  • Either:

    • working in:  

      • an asset management role OR   

      • an asset intensive organisation with a strong interest in commencing your career in asset management 

    • completing or have recently completed an eligible Asset Management, Engineering or related University degree.



Applications for the 2022 Scholarship are closed now. Stay tuned for our next Scholarship!

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