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Successful recipients will undertake to:

  1. Enrol for the Asset Management Foundations course within 2 months of announcement of the scholarship. Progress and complete both the Asset Management Foundations course and the Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning within two years of enrolment.

  2. Work alongside an LOGiT and IPWEA representative to promote the role of Asset Management, Engineering and Public Works within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

  3. Work towards getting, OR maintain, a role as an Asset Management or similar for the duration of the scholarship period.

  4. Any recipient who fails to complete both courses during the allocated timeframe, without an approved application for extension, will forfeit the Scholarship.

  5. Provide an article for publication on the IPWEA website on a core principle topic.

  6. Contribute an article for publication in the LOGiT website, newsletter and social media.

  7. Promote the Indigenous Scholarship program to a state or national event during the two-year period.

  8. Consent to provide ongoing information for publication on the LOGiT and IPWEA web pages and other publications as appropriate.

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